Sindh Ibex Hunting

Sindh Ibex Hunting Sindh ibex are rather stocky animals with thick-set bodies and strong limbs terminating in broad hooves.
Female and young males, till their second winter, are yellowish-brown varying to reddish-grey with a darker brown mid-dorsal
line extending from between the shoulders to the base of the tail. Mature males are spectacularly beautiful, with long sweeping
scimitar shaped horns over 102 cm (40 in) in length and almost silver white bodies offset by a sooty grey chest, throat and face.
The extent of white hairs in the hind neck and body region of males increases with age. The hair in summer coat is short and
coarse and even in adult males is more reddish-buff in color. Males have short beards, but females lack any beard. The belly
and outside of the lower limbs, beard and forepart of the face vary from black to deep chestnut-brown in mature males. There
is also a conspicuous black stripe in adult males, running from the withers down the front of the shoulders and merging with
the black chest. Older males have a dark face pattern. The horns are strongly keeled in front, sweeping upwards and outwards
with the tips generally diverging.


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