Masherbrum Peak Expedition

The shining wall of Masherbum (7821m) located in Hushe valley. Masherbrum also known as Kl world 22nd highest mountain.
The entire valley knows as Masherbrum people. where contain 9 plus villages.

Hushe valley the last road end village. Within 2 days we reach to Masherbrum base camp. the atmosphere absolutely stunning
and summer cluster.

Masherbrum Peak explored KI by British expedition led by Muntugmerie in 1856. In order to climb Masherbrum peak you must
have enough days and fit. Because it’s very technical and hard for climb.

It was climbed by James Waller in 1838 but weather and avalanche force them back from the alleviation 7600m. in same team
two of climbers were frostbite.

In 1955 American team tried hard to achieve their goal but couldn’t make the summit. But there another American team exists
with collaboration of Pakistani climber Captain Jave Akhter in 1960 have been success. Later on one of Polish expedition has
also made summit. Unfortunately two climber lost their live on descending. One Of them injured.


Depart from your own destination, arriving Islamabad the next day and transfer to the hotel for a few hours' sleep. After an early breakfast we return to the airport for the flight to Skardu. which usually departs mid- morning. Given good weather this is perhaps the most spectacular commercial flight in the world. with magnificent views Of Nanga Parbat the ninth highest mountain in the world. The flight however will not operate in poor weather. and you must be prepared for a wait in Islamabad if the flight is cancelled
In case Of cancellation of flight (13-14 hrs) drive by coach to Chilas (480 km) on Karakoram Highway. Or Drive to Chilas via the Babusar Pass 4173m. Babusar Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.173 m (13.691 ft) above the sea level. The pass is the highest point in the Kaghan Valley. Pakistan. The pass connects the Kaghan Valley via the ThakNaIa with Chilas on the Karakoram Highway. It's one of the famous hair pinned roads in the world.
Complete road journey (IO-II hrs) to Skardu (275 km) En-route has good view Of Nanga Parbat (8125m) at junction of Indus River and the rapids and fall of Indus River.
Full day for official formalities and final preparation of Expedition at Skardu.
Drive from Skardu to Hushe village (3050m). we continue our journey by comfortabe Jeep, Toyota's to bring us spectacular Indus River and Shyok River. while our jeep ride we crossed various village, each of them them have unique culture however the language are same. En route we cross number of Nallahs which fed by melt waters and some point have spring water as well, Hushe is the highest altitude in the area and last road end village where we stay in Hotel rather to camping.
Trek from Hushe to Farbisan (3470m), during our trek we will cross Hushe river on either two footbridges. the first bridge cross the Honbrok valley through field. stone huts for summer wood store or people of Hushe village use in summer season when animals shift to Honbrok valley. second bridge join us wesoq and Aling river. Wesoq located near Dumsum village.
Trek from Farbisan to Brumbramah (4040m) heading toward to Brumbramah which is covered by natural flowers and shrub offer excellent views of upper Masherbrum Glacier and the great Masherbrum itself magnificent. withing 25 minute we approach basin called Brumbramah.
Trek from Brumbramah to Masherbrum Base Camp (4285m), The trail follow up the ablation valley from brumbramah. crossed Masherbrum Glacier. During the trail we will have two meadows, Chogospang and Moraine. climb the moraine side glacier covered with white rock cross and reach to Masherbrum Base Camp located just beyond the small pool Meadow Moraine.
5-6 hours jeep ride will take us to Skardu along the Shyok and Indus Rivers. Afternoon de-breifing at Ministry of Tourism, Skardu. Meals and overnight at hotel,
Skardu de-briefing & final farewell dinner
Transfer to airport for flight to Islamabad if the flight operates otherwise drive (9 hours) to Chilas along the Karakorum Highway. Meals and overnight at hotel.
Free day in Islamabad or drive to Islamabad from Chilas for 12 hours.
Transfer to Islamabad international airport and onward to your own destination.

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