Diran Peak Expedition

Diran is located in the Rakaposhi-Haramosh Range in the western Karakoram. Viewed from the Hunza Valley. Diran is a gentle
pyramid and is considered to be the second easiest 7000m peak in the Karakoram after Spantik, although it has a reputation
for avalanches. The Karakoram Highway runs up the Hunza Valley and gives easy access to the mountain.

The first attempt on Diran was from Hunza, up the north face and west ridge. Two climbers disappeared high on the mountain.
Two more expeditions failed before the mountain was first climbed by Austrians Rainer Goschl. Rudolf Pischinger and Hanns
Schell in 1968 by the north face route. This route has since been climbed by a number of expeditions. more expeditions have
failed and a fair number of climbers have died.

Doug Scott’s team made the first alpine-style ascent of Diran in 1985. Another alpine-style ascent was made in 1989, without
using porters to base camp.

Diran got a second route in 1993 when the northeast ridge was climbed and in 1996 the mountain was climbed from the south.


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