Deosai Plateau Tour

The Deosai National Park 4114 meters is siuated between Kharman, Astore and Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. Deosai
Plateau making second circular reference in the world after Changtang in Tibetan Plateau. The park protecs an area of 3000
square kilometers. it is well known for its rich flora and fauna of the Karakoram – west Tibetan Plateau alpine eco region. Deosai
Park opens in summer season and offer wildflowers and wide variety of butterflies.
Deosai National Park has three gates to inter, however Skardu is the main gateway and short accessible route to inter Deosai.
Asotre Chilim valley also short but Gultari Kharmang route not offen. Mostly foreigner’s visit Deosai from Skardu and its take
1.5hrs to reach the top of Deosai, En route we also can see Sadpara Lake.
The fourth and trekking route has noted from Burji La via Kachura Valley Skardu.


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