Darkot Pass Trek

Darkot Pass 4575m located in between Yasin Valley Gilgit Baltistan – Broghil in Chitral in KPK ( Kaiber Pakhton Khowa).
The trek can be began from Chitral or from Yasin valley. however we have been organizing this beautiful trip in Yasin valley Gilgit
Baltistan. Welcome reciption in Islamabad international aiport to transfer Islamabad Hotel. in very next day we start our journey
by land to Chilas via KKH / Babusartop 4177m overnight in Chilas Hotel. And drive straight to Yasin Valley. Once we inter Yasin
valley we feel pleasant our day with the brave region and their unique culutre treamoundas. The Yasin valley primary languages
are Brukhshi and Khawar. The Islmailis are consist in majorty however there are also resides Sunni and Shia.
Our trek from Darkot village to Lasht in Chitral taking 10 days to enable the beautiful scenery of Koyo Zom 6870 meter and
other snow coverd mountain land. Lets explore your adventure holidays with team Summit Karakoram.


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