Chilinji Pass Trek

Chilinji Pass Trek 5290 merter located in two faces as Chapursan valley and Iskoman in Ghizer Valley Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan
Hindu Kush Range.
Chapursan valley primarily Ismailis and they speak one Of the Oldest language called Wakhi. The remote valley just west of Sost
and the last jeep road end village.
The people of particular valley rely on the livestock like sheep and yaks for their sustenance. However rarely seen foreign tourist
in the Past. but they love to see and welcome to greet with there hospitality and culture are stunning.
Our trip starts from Chapursan valley and end in Ghizer valley. The valley geographically part of Northern area of Gilgit Baltistan,
It has borders the Wakhan corridor on North West and china on northern border, and Chitral on west border. The east is Gilgit
and south is Diamir district which is suited on Gahkuch the capital of Ghizer District. Gupis called junction point between Yasin
and Phandar valley. The entire valley Offer world mighty mountain range as Hindu Kush Mountain Range.


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