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Baltistan is also known as Baltiyul, which means the residence Of Balti people. The region is inhabited principally by the Balti Of
Tibetan descent. It is situated in the Karakorum Mountains. It is an extremely mountainous region with average altitude of over
3350m. The region is divided into two districts Skardu and Ghance.


The region of Baltistan is bestowed with some of the greatest bounties of Nature. Tourists from all over the world have great
attraction toward this region because Of its beautiful plains. peaks and heritage sites. The capital Of Baltistan , skardu
welcomes the visitors with its dashing tourists resorts of Beautiful plains. wonderful lakes a and alpines mountains.


Baltistan is home to more than 20 peaks Of over 20000 feets. including K2 the second highest mountain on the earth. Other
well known peaks include Masherbrum. Broad Peak. Hidden peak and many more.
Baltistan has a population of about 322.000 which is a blend of many different ethnic groups.

Wild Animals

Baltistan has been called as living museum for wildlife. The Baltistan High altitude Deosai National Parks. in southern Baltistan.
is a good habitant for predators as it has abundant prey populations.
There are two main categories of animals which are found in different parts of Baltistan
Wild animals of the area include ibex,markhor, deer, snow leopard, brown bear, black bear, jackal. fox wolf. and marmot.

Balti music and art

A Balti version says that the Princess Gul Khatoon better known in Baltistan as Mindoq Gialmo (Flower Queen) brought with her
musicians and artisans into Baltistan. The musicians and artisans propagated Mughal music and art under her patronage.
Musical instruments such as the ‘Surnai’, ‘Karnai’, ‘Dhol’, ‘Chang’ etc. found their way into Baltistan.


The classical and other dances are displayed on the occasion of Nowroz (21 March), and on the marriages of Rajas etc. These
can be classified into Sword Dances. Broqchhos and Dewan or Ghazal. The following are the names of the sword dances:


Baltistan is said to be the birth centre Of Polo. Because the word Polo is a Balti Tibetan word, which means ball as Balti people
call Football. kang polo and call Volleyball laq polo. This evidence can be found in old Balti folk songs. Polo is played here even
today in its original form. This royal sport is indigenous to the Karakoram Range. It was Ali Shair Khan Anchan the Maqpon ruler
of Baltistan who introduced this game to other valleys upon his conquests that stretched beyond Gilgit and Chitral. Polo
grounds are almost present in all villages of Baltistan.


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