Astore Valley Blossom Tour

Astore valley lies the south Of massive Nanga Parbat base camp, the 9th tallest mountain in the world. Moreover the valley
offers a unique for tourist surrounded by other western Himalaya. There is also two junction of river and most popular for apple.
apricot, cherry and other fruits, lush green fields in spring season bring our trip more panoramic view.
After completion Of our spring tour in Astore valley we drive straight to Gilgit city and very next day drive to Naltar valley is
about 54 kilometers from Gilgit. The only way to reachable through Jeep / Toyotas. Naltar offer various trees and it’s called
forested region in Giltig Baltistan. The valley associated with dramatic mountain scenery and greatly comfortable growth Of
mixed montage. broadleaf and coniferous at the lower altitudes. The valley presents Fraxinus. Olea. Pistacia. Sageretia. Bitola .
Salix. And also here grow some Of herbs like Artemisia. Haloxylon and Stipa.


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