Astor Markhor Hunting

The habitat of these animals is in the Gilgit, Skardu and Astor regions of Northern Pakistan in the valleys which branch off from
the River Indus. In comparison with the Kashmir, their horns curves are wider. Like the Kashmir, the Astor is in the flare horned
Markhor category. It is possible to hunt the Himalayan Ibex and the Markhor in combination.
Markhor normally lives on the top of the mountains, almost between 600-3,600 meters in elevation. They typically inhabit
scrub forests made up primarily of oaks, pines, and junipers where there is plenty for the Markhor to eat. They are found in the
Northern areas of Pakistan like Gilgit Baltistan.
Pakistan’s National Animal is Markhor. The word Markhor is derived from the Persian language, Mar means snake and Khor
means eater, this is because of the Markhor’s ability to kill the snakes and also their horns are like coiling snakes.


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