Around Nanga Parbat Trek

Around Nanga Parbat Trek has three main faces known as Rupal, Diamer and Raikot:
Nanga Parbat (8126m) is one Of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It has three main faces known as Rupal, Diamer and
Raikot. which are totally different in appearance and shape and their routes start from different valleys. For Rupal Face. we
start from Gilgit or KKH to Tarashing. a green alpine village at the head of the jeep track. It takes another two days to arrive at
Rupal base camp. For Diamer base camp the track is the most lengthy as it needs three days to reach and the last is Raikot,
where we go up to Raikot Bridge on KKH to switch over to local jeeps for Jail, a small place in Tato Valley at the foot of Fairy
Meadows. This program includes a visit to all three faces crossing high passes en route. This program can be shortened
according to available time, as we have given different options to finish trekking at several points.


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